Welcome to my first ever Blog post.  It has been a steep learning curve since I made the decision 10 days ago.

My main reason for starting a Blog is to support the trees.  Probably sounds crazy but you will get the idea as you follow along.  It is my attempt, however small, to make a difference for them.  More recognition, gratitude and respect.

I have been reading “Call of the Trees” by Dorothy Maclean and drawing attention to the plight of trees globally, and the dependance of all life on them, is important to me, and I hope it is to you.

My Blog will have :

A tree related entry.

Some photos and quotes.

Good news from the week.

Possibly a short reference to something I have found useful.

News about stuff going on here at home – what the wildlife is doing, flowers, etc.

And will showcase some of my Photographs.

Finally I want to thank Colin Wright for his book “Start a Freedom Business”  Colin gave me the push I needed to start this – an idea that had been around for a while.  I thoroughly recommend the book to anyone thinking of getting  out of their “job” situation.

My next post should contain most of the above menu.

Lots to learn.

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