Ancient Forests

I‘m writing in my Tree Sanctuary this morning. Telling my trees how distressed I am by the news of what is happening to the old growth trees on Vancouver Island in Canada. 300 hectares of old growth Forest, including some of the oldest and tallest trees in North America, have been auctioned off by the British Columbia Government for logging. Logging is being carried out at a fast pace. Here is the link if you want to read about it.Ancient Forest Petition

It makes me wonder if Humanity is actually going to destroy the Planet.

I guess we have to focus on whatever is positive. There are many people fighting for the preservation of what is left (1% apparently in North America) as well as regenerating, re-introducing threatened species, etc. In Australia there is only about 3% remaining, and clearing is continuing.

It is a reminder not to become attached to what is impermanent here in the physical world. Everything we love can be lost.

I was reminded of this in 2003 when we had devastating bushfires here in Kosciuszko National Park. Much of the Alpine Ash forest was lost. These trees don’t set seed until they are 40 years old. That’s a long time to be fire free these days.

I wish you a happy and unstressed day.

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