Plants and Memories


This post is about how plants can connect us to places and memories.


I arrived back in Australia from Canada a couple of days ago and my Dicentra  (Called Bleeding Heart here) was in flower. So glad I didn’t miss it.


This  plant has some beautiful childhood memories for me.

We lived in a  small country town and the people across the road, between us and the river, had cows and used to leave a container of milk for us on their windowsill. It was my  job to collect the milk each day and seeing these flowers in Spring was a delight.

There was a bush that flowered beside the shady path I used to take to collect milk from our neighbours. The narrow gravel roadway curved between tall shady trees and the Dicentra grew in the shaded gardens.

In spring this year I was in Alberta, Canada and there was a large bush with masses of flowers down the road from where we were staying.  Then to my delight I found that they are native to the shady forests of British Columbia. The species there is Dicentra formosa, and mine is probably a cultivar.wp-image--550633976

Dicentra is a beautiful delicate plant, but tough enough to live in challenging conditions, by retreating in winter and bursting forth again in Spring.

Thank you for your beauty.
Till next time….

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