More Editing with Skylum. Luminar 2018

I have found a series of videos by Anthony Morganti on Youtube and thoroughly recommend them. Anthony carefully describes the various aspects of the program, and uses his workflow in most of them. I am always interested in the workflow of professional photographers.

Having layers and masks readily available without having to switch to another program is a time saver, and makes me more likely to use them.

The spot removal tool (disguised as ‘erase’) under the tool menu does an excellent job. No need to Sample a source area.

Slightly washed out photos respond well to creating a new adjustment layer and blending with multiply. Then back off the transparency till you get the results that you like.

Something Anthony explained was the editing method where you push the highlights most of the way down and shadows up, then set the black and white points.

I had often wondered about this method – It apparently comes from video editing as a way of reducing noise. It works well and I have altered my workflow accordingly.

Having both clipping warnings on during the process shows exactly what is happening. You turn them on with the small triangles at either side of the top of the histogram.

The photo of the Kangaroos was edited with this method.

See my next post for news of a new free update and a special price offer.

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