First Month Summary.

Here is a grasshopper resting on a rose to celebrate my first month of blogging.
I managed to post each day until about the last week when I fell behind a bit. This shows how important scheduling ahead is. There are always unplanned events in life to work around.
Posting daily, or attempting to, was a great learning experience and well worth doing.
I have taken a week or so off to think about where to go from here and have decided to work more on photo editing.
I bought a potted sunflower in bud recently and have been photographing it daily as it blooms.
So the plan is to post an interesting, different, and well edited image each day – following the flowers progress. As well as posting more photos to each blog.
I have loaded some plugins so lots more to learn there, as well as general improvements to my website.
I hope you enjoy following along with my photo blog journey.

Till next timeā€¦.

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