More Luminar 2018 Good News.

More. Good News from Skylum Software – A free upgrade and a special once off price reduction.

Great news from Skylum – another free upgrade for Luminar 2018. See the full information here Luminar upgrade

This upgrade includes the much needed white balance eyedropper tool. I’ve been looking forward to this.

The really good news however is that Skylum are currently offering an excellent price reduction.

so now is the time to buy.

Luminar 2018

Soon Skylum will be adding a library/sorting module to the software and when that happens the price will increase. However a free upgrade will be available to all current users. Well worth it.

About the photo above. Edited in Luminar, fairly hurriedly I admit – the deal on Luminar ends soon so wanted to get this out today before heading back to the Bush for a few days. (lately my time had been taken up with caring for a motherless lamb)

I left the photo fairly dark as I wanted to keep the cool frosty early morning feel.

All good wishes till next time.

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