Crinum pendulatum

An Australian native plant that grows down the East Coast of Australia with the clever adaptation to prevent bulbs being washed away in it’s water environment.
Some time ago I posted a photo taken at the National Botanic Gardens. At the time I said I would find out what it was next time I was there. That happened recently and the plant is Crinum pedunculatum. It’s known as the swamp lily or river lily and grows in boggy soil in warmer areas of Australia mostly down the East Coast. You can read more about it here,Crinum It is apparently Frost Hardy.
Yesterday it had large bulbs still attached to the flower stalks. These bend to the soil so the bulbs can germinate while still attached to the plant and not be washed away. Yet another clever plant adaptation.
I’ve now seen it in its most interesting phases , in full bloom and with bulbs.

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