A Peaceful Morning Walk

Most mornings I walk to a Ridge behind our house (with my Nordic Walking poles.)

The last couple of days it has been very windy here. Not many small birds taking the risk of flying, and most larger birds staying close to the ground. Though I did see a couple of Currawongs risking it.

The photo is of the entry to the Ridge where I walk. Past the white bark tree on the right. I’m fortunate to be able to access this peaceful area less than 10 minutes walk from home.

With the city behind me I have uninterrupted views across horse paddocks to the Murrumbidgee River valley and the Brindabella mountains beyond.

I spent some time out in the full force of the wind – enjoying it’s power and thinking of how much work we are giving it. Balancing the high and low pressure systems.

On the subject of weather – we are in a severe drought here in South eastern Australia. Winter is usually a cool and wet season and there has been almost no rain. (7.8 mm in July and 27.8 in June )

Drought sort of creeps up on you. Looking through some photos from 3 years ago It became obvious just how brown, dry and bare the area is at present. Green looked out of place.

After the ‘exercise’ part of the walk I looked for some shelter from the wind and sat behind a large granite boulder. There were lots of good sheltered places down the slope but most occupied by Kangaroos. They seem to be doing OK so far, well adapted over millenia to drought conditions.

There are lots of Wombat droppings around but so far I haven’t seen one up here. I did however come across an Echidna recently. I often see their scratchings, where they have been digging for ants, and to see one is a special treat. Got this fairly average photo while trying not to disturb it.

All best wishes till next time…

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